Vera Eisenmann

Equus alaskae

Sunday 27 November 2022 by Vera Eisenmann

E. alaskae Hay 1913b, type: USNM 7700, from Sullivan’s Creek, Tofty, Central Alaska. Dscribed as E. niobrarensis alaskae.

The type belongs to an adult male (Fig.1).
The muzzle is longer than in E. lambei and E. niobrarensis.
Similar skulls (Fig.2) are FAM 6001, 60010, 60011, 60071 (Fig.3, Fig.6), NMC 17254 et 17905 found in Alaska and Yukon, IA 5059, PIN 301-5 (Fig.4) and PIN 301-533 found in NE Siberia

The protocones are slightly grooved - like in E. niobrarensis - but quite longer (Fig.5).
There is no associated mandible.


Fig.1 E. alaskae, USNM 7700, cranium Fig.2 Simpson' diagram of E. alaskae crania Fig.3 FAM 60071 cranium Fig.4 PIN 301-5 cranium Fig.5 E. alaskae upper cheek teeth FAM 60071 Lower cheek teeth
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