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Allobroges, E. algericus

Thursday 16 January 2020 by Véra Eisenmann

In 1984 Bagtache et al. described two new species from the Algerian Aterian Site ‘les Allobroges’ (or Gisement des Phacochères de la Cité Melki). In this note I will consider the caballine species - E. algericus.

The type lower cheek teeth (Allo 61-803) is a right second molar. Allo 61-1551 and 61-2632 are right lower molars too. From the left side there is a P3 or P4 (Allo 61-2876) and a M3 without number (Fig.1).
Bernor et al (2010, p. 712-713) doubted both the rang of the type tooth and the utility of using it for type.
The first criticism may be addressed in detail by a note on this web site Lower premolars or molars? How to tell them apart?.
For the second, I do not think the ‘utility’ of a type showing a clear caballine double knot for describing the first fossil caballine ever mentioned in Africa, has to be questioned.

Beside the lower cheek, four MC III, eight MT III, one Ph1, and one talus may be ascribed to E. algericus (Fig.2 and Tables).


Bagtache B., Hadjouis D. et V. Eisenmann, 1984. - Présence d’un Equus caballin (E. algericus n. sp.) et d’une autre espèce nouvelle d’Equus (E. melkiensis n. sp.) dans l’Atérien des Allobroges, Algérie. C.R.Ac.Sc., Paris, t. 298, série II, 14, 6O9-612, 4 fig.

Bernor Raymond L, Armour-Chelu Miranda J., Gilbert Henry, Kaiser Thomas M., and Schultz Ellen. 2010. - Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology. - Chapter thirty-five. - Equidae.

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Allobroges, E. algericus

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