Hipparions from Samos, Greece (English)

In 1984, G. Koufos and I projected to publish a paper about the craniology of Samos hipparions. It was never published but I think that the data collected at the time may still be interesting, although the knowledge of Samos and its hipparions has certainly progressed very much since that period.


H. dietrichi group

The type skull (Wehrli 1941, pl.17-fig.4) belongs to the Münster collections (Inv.-Nr I/7). The exact origin of the skull is unknown. The (...)

H. matthewi group

H. matthewi group and Hipparion sp. from Q5. The type skull (Abel 1926 ; Sondaar 1971, pl.IVa) belongs to the Budapest collections (UGR OK (...)

H. proboscideum group

H. proboscideum group. The type cranium (Studer 1911, fig.1) belongs to the Bern Naturhistorichen Museum (Nr 46). The exact origin is (...)