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Caballines Nomenclature (Caballins)

Sunday 29 March 2020 by Véra Eisenmann
What name use for ‘Horses’? E. ferus. Whatever was the ‘Tarpan’, its presently available osteological remains are limited to one complete skeleton (St Petersburg : ZIN 521) and one isolated slull without mandible (Moscow : MGU 94535). Moreover, both Tarpans were old and castrated. Other specimens (...)

Caballines Characters (Caballins)

Sunday 29 March 2020 by Véra Eisenmann
SKULLS The Franck’s Index, is commonly supposed to characterize true (i.e. caballine) Equus, and discriminate them from other extant Equus (Forsten and Eisenmann 1995). The Franck’s Index compares the distance from Staphylion (posterior border of palate) to Hormion (posterior border of vomer), (...)

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