The Hipparion of the Vallesian of Hà¶wenegg was described in an exhaustive monography by Bernor et al., 1997. There are several more or less complete skeletons (here, the data on associated phalanges 1, 2, and 3 are grouped in the same table). My personal data are very scarce.

BERNOR, R.L., TOBIEN, H., HAYEK, L.-A. C., MITTMANN H.-W., 1997 - Hippotherium primigenium (Equidae, Mammalia) from the late Miocene of Hà¶wenegg (Hegau, Germany),Thema: Fossilfundstà¤tte Hà¶wenegg. Andrias 10: 1-230, Karlsruhe.


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