?Allohippus sp. from MA zone

Upper Cheek Teeth
Morphologies similar to  ?Allohippus sp. from NS zone are found in MA zone : KNM ER 2688, 2691, and 4025 ; the decidual FS 75 2 has no origin (Fig. 28).
Fig. 28

Associated Limb bones
KNM ER 1275 are associated MC, MT, phalanges, and Tarsals (Fig. 29).
Fig. 29
 The fragmentary MC could belong to ?Allohippus sp. (Fig. 16).
 The MT is slender, smaller but similar to KNM ER 5358 and 4052 (Fig. 20) referred to ?Allohippus sp.
 The Ph1P is slender (measures 1-3), with a deep proximal diameter (5). It resembles Ph1P of contemporaneous European Equids (Venta Micena and Cueva Victoria) and also extant Wild Asses (Fig. 30).
Fig. 30
 The Talus resembles those of extant large donkeys (Fig. 29, 31).
Fig. 31