Véra Eisenmann

Monodactyl Equids from Konso, Interval 5

mardi 3 octobre 2017

Interval 5, KGA 12, around 1.3 My old

Three specimens (Fig. 12) have relatively flat and wide diaphyses, wide suptra-articular breadths and deep keels..

They are robust, with wide suptra-articular breadths, and deeper diaphyses than most of Konso metapodials. They are not unlike Olduvai Upper Bed II Metatarsals (Fig. 14).

KGA 12-256 resembles most Tali from Konso KGA 7 and 8 (Fig. 22).

First Phalanx
One posterior first phalanx resembles a specimen from Olduvai (Fig. 15).

Second Phalanx
An anterior Ph2 looks like a large E. mauritanicus one from Tighenif (Fig. 16).

To summarize :
Unlike in other Intervals, there is evidence for only one form. The fossils resemble Olduvai Upper Bed II specimens or E. mauritanicus.

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