Monodactyl Equids from Konso, Introduction

This article is entirely based on the data kindly given to me by Hideo Nakaya many years ago. The raw measurements are Tables A and B.
In the following study I describe the fossils of Konso referring to the chronological order given by Gen Suwa et al., 2003 :

 Interval 1, KGA 4 loality, around 1.9 My old
 Interval 3, KGA 4HA locality, around 1.5 My old
 Interval 4, KGA 10, 11, and 7/8 M localities, around 1.4 My old
 KGA 7/8 U and 12 localities, around 1.3 My old
 KGA 20, around 1 My old.

Unfortunately, I do not know whether the specimens notes “7/8†belong to Interval 4 or 5. They will be discussed separatedly

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