Colombie, Equus (Amerhippus) lasallei

In a very detailed article J. de Porta (1960) redescribed the type skull of E. (Amerhippus) lasallei found at Cerrogordo in la Sabana de Bogota at a height of abount 2600m.
All pictures and data given here come from this article.
As noted by J. de Porta, the cranium is very large, elongated, with a narrow muzzle.
I have no data enough to compare it to the Brazilian and Argentinian large Amerhippus. But the the narrowness of its muzzle at the diastema level (measure 17bis) clearly differenciate it from E. (Amerhippus) santae-elenae and the Amerhippus from Ocucaje.

J. de Porta, 1960. Los equidos fosiles de la Sabana de Bogota. Boletin de Geologia, 4 : 28pp, 2pl., 10 fig. Bucaramanga. Universidad Industrial de Santander.