Kuruksai, References

REFERENCES Forsten,A. & Sharapov, S. 2000. Fossil equids (Mammalia, Equidae) from the Neogene and Pleistocene of Tadzhikistan. (...)

Kuruksai, Abstract

– Allohippus pamirensis was a large and robust species with a cranium resembling that of Khapry (ZIN 31078). The upper molars had unusually - (...)

Kuruksai, Other Limb bones

OTHER LIMB BONES (Tables 7 to 13) A proximal fragment of Calcaneum (Fig. 28) is probably associated with the large posterior Ph1. (...)

Kuruksai, First Phalanges

FIRST PHALANGES (Table 6, Figures 26 and 27) Most posterior Ph1 are robust and and resemble the average posterior Ph1 of Allohippus vireti (...)

Kuruksai, Metapodials

METACARPALS (Table 4) There are three different morphologies. – Most specimens have wide and rather shallow distal ends (Fig. 12). Some of (...)

Kuruksai, Cheek teeth

UPPER CHEEK TEETH (Table 3) Their morphology (Fig. 7, 8, 9) is usual for Allohippus, except for the longer protocones on molars. The size of (...)