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Wednesday 13 March 2019 by Véra Eisenmann

The Articles illustrations are from Sefve 1910, Sefve 1912, and Boule et Thévenin 1920.

According to Alberdi (1993) the synonyms for
Hippidion principale are (among others): Onohippidion compressidens and Hippidium bonaerense;

Hippidion devillei: Hippidium bolivianum, Onohippidion peruanum, Parahipparion burmeisteri

ALBERDI M.T.A. 1993. Review of the genus Hippidion Owen, 1869 (Mammalia: Peridssodactyla) from the Pleistocene of South America. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 108: 1-22.


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