Natural Trap Caballine, Text


There are a fragmentary mandible, KU 47238 (Fig.1) and a better preserved one, UNSM 51079 (Fig.2,3) associated to a palate (Fig.4). Cups are present on all lower incisors of KU 47238 and on I1-I2 of UNSM 51079. The lower (Fig.5) and upper chek teeth are caballine.

I refer (with doubt!) to this species nine radii (Fig.6), two femora (Fig.7), six anterior and five posterior Ph1 (Fig.8), five anterior and seven posterior Ph2 (Fig.9).
I am uncertain about the referral of Ph3 which could belong either to a Caballine or an Amerhippus (compare Fig.10 to Fig.10 of the large Amerhippus).