Shungura Formation, Member B

The Member B of the Shungura Formation is correlated with the upper part of Usno Formation. Its age is comprised between 3.5 and 3 Ma.
The material collected by the French and American expeditions is much richer than that of the older sediments. There are several limb bones, and more than a dozen cheek teeth.

On the upper cheek teeth L 1-42e and 11-93 the enamel is very plicated, less so on the others (Fig.B1).
On the lower cheek teeth (Fig.B2 and Fig.C2) ectostylids are always present with the exception of the lower molar 286-1967-512 sectioned at 15mm from the roots.
The distal end of a MT III has a very developed keel and its supra-articular width is very large (Fig.B4).
The anterior Ph1 is robust (Fig.B5).