Hipparions from Omo Valley, Ethiopia


Hipparions from Omo, Introduction

Equids from Omo deposits were described by Hooijer (1975) and Eisenmann (1985). The following articles on the web site are mainly photographs (...)

Mursi Formation

As much as I know, the Mursi Formation is believed to be older than 4 Ma. The fragment of MC III (YS 1968-3585) may have belonged to the same (...)

Usno Formation

The sediments of the Usno Formation date from ca. 3 to ca. 4 Ma. The upper cheek teeth are very plicated (Fig.U1); the lower molar has (...)

Shungura Formation, Member A

The Member A of the Shungura Formation is correlated with the lower part of Usno Formation. I know of only one cheek tooth, an upper P2, (...)

Shungura Formation, Member B

The Member B of the Shungura Formation is correlated with the upper part of Usno Formation. Its age is comprised between 3.5 and 3 Ma. The (...)

Shungura Formation, Member C and B-C

There are but a few available photographs although Hooijer described more fossils. A mandibular symphysis (Fig.C1) shows no reduction of the (...)