Afrique du Nord, Equus melkiensis and E. aff. melkiensis at Allobroges

The type of E. melkiensis is a right metacarpal (Allo 61-1314). Another MC (A 61-16) certainly belongs to the same species. A third one (A 61-2301), however, has a deeper diaphysis and proximal epiphysis and larger distal dimensions. I refer to it as E. aff. melkiensis. Same differences appear for the MT III: A 510 and 523 are smaller than others; by proportions and size they fit well the type MC. A 1834 and A 520+1505 fit with the MC A 2301. The anterior Ph1 may be referred to E. melkiensis.
The cheek teeth are not homogeneous in size and shape. Most of the lower cheek teeth (Allo 61-800, 61-2950, 61-2618, 61-788 and two without number) are reletively small. The larger ones have elongated metaconids. Among the upper cheek teeth, Allo 61-775 stands out by its size.
I do not know how the differences may be accounted but they exist.