Afrique du Nord, Equus melkiensis and E. aff. melkiensis, other North African occurences

Fossils resembling E. melkiensis are present at Guyotville Afrique du Nord, Guyotville (Aïn Benian) (lower series GUY 118, Mc GUY 403, Mt GUY405 and 406) ; Aà¯n Tit Mellil (Mt MOC 24 and 25) ; and Sidi Bou Knabel (upper premolar MOC 1964-1-192, lower molar without number, metacarpals MOC 1961-1-5 and 6, probably first phalanx 1961-1-183) ; at Mugharat Elalya, Tanger (first phalanx 2A/C B2/70) and Salé, Morocco (MC).

Fossils resembling E. aff. melkiensis are present at Guyotville [MC (GUY 399,400,401), MT (GUY 404), and small posterior phalanges (GUY 201, 470, 15, 16, 128, 129)]; Taforalt (posterior phalanx Tafo 7), and El Hahroura (posterior phalanx R9 19).


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