Bronze Age

The most interesting locality is Novaja Rozanovka (Late Bronze) because it includes absolutely certain Tarpan remains as already noted by Bibikova 1972.
The Tarpan is represented by upper cheek teeth, a fragment of MC, and phalanges. Thre is also an upper M2 of E. hydruntinus (5446 of Zoological Museum of Kiev collections).

Bibikova V.I. 1972. Ostatki subfosil’nogo Tarpana na Ukrainie. Trudy Moskovskogo Obshchestva Ispytatelej Prirody, XLVIII, 97-114, 7 fig., 4 tabl. Nauka, Moskva.

At Grishevka (II°-III° mill. BC) there is a fragmentary skull of E. caballus with small protocones. At Kashirskaia (same age), there is a very large E. caballus distal MT and asociated phalanges