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Historic and Prehistoric Equus of Ukraine and Russia

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Cranium "5814" (Problematic)

Saturday 1 March 2014

Uncertain or problematic age (Problematic)

Saturday 1 March 2014
The Zoological Museum (ZM) of Kiev collections are very rich, including for instance the Equus caballus fossils from Dereivka and Mezin. Unfortunately when I visited in 1992, no curator was available to give me some crucial information as to the provenance and age of many fossils. In (…)

Historic Equus of Ukraine and Russia (Historic)

Saturday 1 March 2014
It seems that the Tarpan phenotype is not uncommon in Russia and Ukraine at historic times. In Kiev, (Institute of Archeology collections). - From Vyshgorod (X° AD) there are upper cheek teeth with very short protocones - From Voijn (XI°-XIII° AD) one metacarpal resembles the type (…)

Kurgans (Kurgans)

Saturday 1 March 2014
At the Institute of Archeology of Kiev are preserved fossils of several Kurgans. – Those of Steblev date to the V° BC. AT K3 there is an upper premolar of E. hemionus. At all other Kurgans there is a small E. caballus (an almost complete skeleton at K6). - From Rusalka (IV° BC) there is (…)

Ukraine VI BC-IV AD (Ukraine VI BC - IV AD)

Saturday 1 March 2014
In the Institute of Archeology at Kiev, there is a rich collection of historic Equus bones which was under study by Dr O.Zhuravlev when I visited in 1992. Dr Zhuravlev guided me and helped me in every way and I wish to express my sincere thanks to him and also to all of his colleagues who warmly (…)

Bronze Age (Bronze Ukraine )

Saturday 1 March 2014
The most interesting locality is Novaja Rozanovka (Late Bronze) because it includes absolutely certain Tarpan remains as already noted by Bibikova 1972. The Tarpan is represented by upper cheek teeth, a fragment of MC, and phalanges. Thre is also an upper M2 of E. hydruntinus (5446 of (…)

Eneolithic (Ukraine Eneolothic)

Saturday 1 March 2014
From the Enéolithic of Konstantinovka (III° mill. BC), Lower Don, there is at the Zoological Museum of Kiev a first phalanx of E. hydruntinus.

Tripolie (Tripolie)

Saturday 1 March 2014
At Maà¯aki (Late Tripolie) there is evidence of E. caballus (possibly a large Tarpan), E. hydruntinus, and E. hemionus. At Mikhaà¯lovka (Late Tripolie) - of E. hydruntinus and E. hemionus. At Raà¯ki (IV° mill. BC) - of E. caballus. At Luka Vrublevetskaà¯a (Early Tripolian) - of E. caballus.

List of Historic and Prehistoric sites (Historic and Prehistoric Equus of Ukraine and Russia)

Friday 28 February 2014

Tripolie, Cheek teeth data (Tripolie)

Friday 28 February 2014

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