Véra Eisenmann


Saturday 1 March 2014

At the Institute of Archeology of Kiev are preserved fossils of several Kurgans.

 Those of Steblev date to the V° BC.
AT K3 there is an upper premolar of E. hemionus.
At all other Kurgans there is a small E. caballus (an almost complete skeleton at K6).

- From Rusalka (IV° BC) there is an E. caballus metacarpal.

- From Uspenka (IV°-III° BC) there is an E. caballus tibia.

 Golovkivka dates probably to the III° BC and yielded remains of an E. caballus.

- From Chertomlyk (III°-II° BC) there are also remains of E. caballus.

At Odessa, there is a cranium of an old E. caballus from Chkalogo (IV° BC).

In the Zoological Institute of St Petersburg are preserved several skulls of E. caballus from "Don kurgans". The age is not known.

In Moscow, at the MGRI there is a skull of a very old E. caballus from a Tiraspol Kurgan. Age not known.

None of these crania resembles the Tarpan.

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