Kuruksai, Crania and Mandibles

CRANIA (Table 1)
 Two crania (PIN 3120-319 and 360) belong to the same species (Fig. 1 and 2). They are very similar to the cranium ZIN 31078 from Khapry (Fig. 3).
 PIN 3120-320 (Fig. 4) differs by the shortness of its palate may still belong to the same taxon.
 But PIN no N° is much larger and has a very much longer muzzle (Fig. 3 and 5).

By its size and proportions the mandible PIN 3120-321 (Fig. 6) may be conspecific with the large cranium no N°. Possibly the longer muzzled I-351/N may belong with the PIN no N° cranium.


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