Vera Eisenmann

Mezin, Introduction

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Mezin (Ukraine) is a prehistoric site about 24000 years old well known for its shelter in mammouth bones (

Remains of Equus at the Zoological lnstitute of Kiev, are well preserved although not very abundant. They do not look homogeneous, probably because they come from various more or less ancient excavations.

By its general skeletal proportions, the horse of Mezin is like other Late Pleistocene horses whether from Western Europe (Jaurens, France), from the region of Don (Kostenki) or from Mongolie (Botaï) 150.Chevaux de Botaï, chevaux récents et souches possibles de domestication. In : Les Equidés dans le monde méditerranéen antique. The extremely wide third phalanges justify its attribution to E. latipes (described at Kostenki).

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