Muallaq Symphysis

Fragment of symphysis Muallaq 14

Only two data are reliable: the estimated width at I3 posterior borders (7) and the measured minimal width at the constriction (13). In the scatter diagram Muallaq 14 is compared to extant E. grevyi (Grévy), E. zebra zebra and E. z. hartmannae (ZZH), E. burchelli burchelli (BS), Przewalski and Mongolian horses (PZ Mong), large domestic donkeys (AD Grands), E. africanus africanus and E. a. somaliensis (AAS), and E. hemionus kulan (HT). Muallaq 14 is seen to have a relatively wide constriction. Other dimensions are not certain enough to allow good comparisons but on Simpson’s ratio diagrams the less different profiles are those of Wild Asses (AA and AS), and of one domestic donkey (AD 51, Ane Blanc d’Egypte).
The undeveloped cup on I3 is frequent in Asses.

Muallaq, symphyse, diagramme de dispersion

Muallaq, symphyse, diagramme de Simpson