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Amerhippus, Peru, References

Thursday 5 September 2019 by Véra Eisenmann

Azzaroli A. (1992). The present status of knowledge on the Ecuadorian species of the genus Equus. Bolletino della Societa Paleontologica Italiana, 31(1), 133-139.

Machado H. and Avilla L. (2019). The Diversity of South American Equus: Did Size really Matter? Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 7 :235.

Salas R., De Vries T., Urbina M., Garcia A., Pujos F., Aguirre M. (2004). Los Vertebrados de los humedales pleistocenicos de Aguada de Lomas y Sacaco (Arequipa, Peru). Interpretaciones paleoecologicas. XII Congreso Peruano de Geologia. Resumes Extendidos. Sociedad Geologica de Peru : 529-532, 1 Fig., 1 Pl.

Pujos F., Salas R., and Eisenmann V. (2004). Preliminary observations on a new Pleistocene Vertebrate fauna from Ocucaje (Peru). XII Congreso Peruano de Geologia. 5 pages, 4 Figures.

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Amerhippus, Peru, References

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