Quneitra Introduction

 Biq’at Quneitra is an open Mousterian site (Golan). The fauna was studied by Davis (1988). The mateial I have seen in 1997 in Jerusalem is not exactly the same as published and illustrated by Davis. For instance, of all the upper cheek teeth illustrated by Davis, I have seen only the M2 QUN 2647 (e of Davis).

 Davis recognizes an E. caballus and an "E. hydruntinus-mauritanicus" et does not think that there was a third species. The concept of "E. hydruntinus-mauritanicus" was discussed elsewhere (Eisenmann 1992); I do not think it correct.

 My conclusion is in very close accord with Davis : I recognize an E. caballus and an E. hydruntinus. Several upper cheek teeth and one second phalanx remain however puzzling.